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BWP Book Review: "Moneyball" By Michael Lewis

Here at The Checking Line we obviously cover hockey. But most of us are fans of many sports. While you won't see many baseball posts from our writers, we do appreciate the business and science of America's favorite passtime. After reading "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis (later to be adapted into a movie of the same name), that appreciation has certainly grown. 

Here is a review of that book by TCL and BWP contributor Bryan Wright. Make sure to read Bryan's original review over at Better With Popcorn.



The book is always better than the movie, always. There aren't any exceptions. Well, Delivera...

Do The Montreal Canadiens Need Quebecers On The Team?


Any casual sports fan would think that Montreal's hockey team is named the Canadiens because they are Canada’s team, or that they have fans all across Canada.  To be honest, only the last statement is true.

Les Habitants have always spelled Canadiens with an ‘E’ , so maybe that should give some the idea that the team itself doesn’t represent all of Canada. For now, the team represents all of Quebec, whether it be English or French, Catholic or Jewish.  I say for now, because even the most die hard fan of the Habs cannot wait for the return of the Quebec Nordiques. 

So understanding that the Montreal Canadiens are as ...