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Fixing the Leaky Roof

Last season, as the Montreal Canadiens were adding up the injuries and spending valuable current and future assets, general manager Pierre Gauthier advised he had been saving for an offensive weapon but had to spend the cap room on repairing a leaky roof. 

This off-season so far, he has been reinforcing that roof, while saving for a possible bargain from one of those over the cap teams that need to shed some salary.

Gone from last season's 12 defenseman suited up for the Habs are Wisniewski, Sopel, Picard, and Hamrlik.

The returning ones are Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges who were both injured for most of the year with blown kn...

Leafs Continue To Lag Behind The Habs

No the icon attached to this blog isn't a mistake and the title isn't a joke, you've come to the right place. Yes it's true that I lost a bet to Prax and as punishment I owe him a blog for the Montreal Canadiens. The bet started at the beginning of last season when I was fooled enough by Brian Burke and company to believe that the Leafs would finish ahead of the Habs in the regular season standings. Prax quickly took the bet, and here we are. 

The Leafs got off to a quick start and I too was quick to rub it in. Unfortunately the next part of the season was pretty rough for the Leafs with Giguere and Gustavsson in between the pi...

The Josh Gorges Saga Continues

You know that when the Montreal Canadiens announce a signing or some news late on a Friday evening, it's likely not going to be good news.

And Friday was a relatively busy day for the Habs, as the team announced the promotion of two coaches from Hamilton to assist Jacques Martin next season, in the absence of Kirk Muller. But this, of course, wasn't the "bad" news. The bad news that the team received on Friday was that the Canadiens had signed defenseman Josh Gorges to a one-year, $2.5 million contract.

Why is this bad news, you say? After all, the Canadiens did manage to avoid arbitration with Gorges, on what could have be...

Canadiens Add Cunneyworth, Ladouceur to Coaching Staff

It's been a tumultuous few months for the Montreal Canadiens, at least when it comes to their assistant coaching staff. Ever since January, it had been rumored that this past season would be the last for Kirk Muller behind the bench, looking to further his career in the league and eventually achieve his goal of being an NHL head coach.

Last month, Muller would take the necessary steps in order to achieve this goal, but accepting a job as the head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL, Nashville's farm team. This decision would leave a massive gap behind the Canadiens bench.

Muller had long been described as a "player's coach". An assistant the...

Josh Gorges & Arbitration: What's the Issue?

There was a bit of a surprised reaction in Habland yesterday when it was revealed that Josh Gorges and his agent, Kevin Epp, had decided to file for player-elected arbitration.

The news was especially surprising to me, as I had just got done posting a blog where I had mentioned that I thought the negotiation process with Gorges would be relatively simple, as the 26-year-old defenseman was one of only two skaters on the main roster that the team had left to sign, along with tough guy forward Ryan White.

To give you a bit of a backstory to the whole matter:

Gorges made $1.3 million in the last of a three-year deal that the Kelowna, BC na...

Habs Welcome Cole, Budaj; What's Next?

When Pierre Gauthier signed Erik Cole to a four year, $18 million contract on last Friday's free agent frenzy, I'm sure that both parties knew they wouldn't be introducing a stranger to the Montreal crowd.

In his ten-year NHL career, Cole has been known as lots of things, but in Montreal, he is simply known as a "Habs-killer".

The Oswego, New York native has played nine seasons in the NHL, mostly in Carolina, with a brief stint in Edmonton in 2008-09. In all those years, he's totaled 620 career NHL games, with 184 goals and 206 assists for a total of 390 points, with a +3 rating and 557 penalty minutes. His playoff totals include 6 goals and 8 assists...

Armchair GM Extraordinaire: Remaining Habs Moves

While I'm satisfied with the addition of Erik Cole (I'm not even going to talk about Budaj though. Don't ask me about it... DON'T), I feel like the Habs need to make a few extra moves in order to be truly competitive next year.

With the recent additions to the lineup, this is what the 2011-2012 Habs look so far:

Gionta - Gomez - Pacioretty
Cole - Plekanec - Cammalleri
Darche - Desharnais - Kostitsyn
Moen - Eller - White (RFA)

Markov - Emelin
Gill - Subban
Gorges(RFA) - Weber/Spacek




Great image taken by TCL's own Hockeybroad, who was in Minnesota for the draft 

The NHL Entry Draft has come and one. Another year of teams selecting new prospects that will fill their line-ups, and their arenas for many seasons to come. Another year of GMs jockeying for position with trades of picks, prospects, and roster players in order to solidify their line-up before everything gets crazy again on July 1st. And for the Montreal Canadiens, another year of sitting back and watching patiently.

Many, myself included, were expecting fairly big things from general manager Pierre Gauthier ...

Habs re-sign Andrei Markov; Where Do We Go From here?

[quote]NOTE: Don't forget to join us tonight starting at 6PM for our Round 1 NHL Draft liveblog! We'll break down all the draft picks, all the trades and acquisitions, and we'll try to make sense of everything that happened yesterday. So be there for a night of live blog fun![/quote] While we were all reeling from the ridiculous moves Paul Holmgren and the Philadelphia Flyers made yesterday, Montreal Canadiens GM continued his hot streak, signing another major piece of the puzzle before he hit free agency next week. In a move that was long expected, the Habs resigned their star number one defenseman, locking up Andrei Markov for three years. The deal will pay the Voskresensk native...

Habs Draft Preview and News & Notes

Every year, Montreal Canadiens fans and media personalities alike enter the NHL Entry Draft with high hopes that their team will actually do something worth discussing. No matter what team you root for, frankly, it's the one time of the year you actually want to see Gary Bettman stand on a stool behind a podium and utter the words "we have a trade to announce". Last year saw a fair amount of wheeling and dealing over the two days that the draft took place, and was highlighted by a Flyers deal that saw the team acquire the rights to defenseman Dan Hamhuis (who would refuse to sign with the team, opting instead to become a Canuck), the Flames trading for Henrik Karlsson who is now a sta...