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Free Agency 2012: Martin Brodeur now a UFA


Wayne Gretzky once called the New Jersey Devils a "Mickey-Mouse operation," and then they drafted Martin Brodeur.

Before Brodeur the crease in New Jersey was occupied by the likes of NHL journeymen such as Sean Burke and Chris Terrari. For 19 seasons, Martin Brodeur has defined the New Jersey Devils.

19 seasons, 113 playoff wins, 4 Vezina Trophy's and 3 Stanley Cups, all in a Devils uniform. The notion of Marty wearing anything else is staggering but maybe even a little exciting.   

The 40-year-old veteran is officially on the market.  His new agent, Pat Brisson, has given the Devil's an ultimatum.

Via TSN:


New Jersey Devils Select Stefan Matteau At No. 29

With the No. 29 selection in the NHL Draft, the New Jersey Devils have selected Stefan Matteau.


The 18-year-old Chicago native had six goals and four assists in 18 games with United States National Team Development Program juniors team last season and will play for the Blainsville-Boisbriand Armada in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in 2012-13.

Matteau’s got size (6’1”, 210), speed and great hockey skills, making him a dangerous player.

He can close on pucks and opposing players to make defensive plays as well as isn’t afraid to lay his big frame into opponents. He can also overwhelm opponents offensively with the size and speed...

Simon Gagne Finally Gets His Cup

At around 8 p.m. Pacific standard time on June 11th, Simon Gagne had finally earned the right to hoist the Stanley Cup over his head.

Despite a series of unfortunate events that had spanned several seasons and a near tumble when he tried to pick up the Cup for the first time, Gagne had finally reached the peak of the hockey summit where he rightfully belonged.

TCL Predicts The Stanley Cup Final


2012 Stanley Cup FinalNew Jersey Devils vs. Los Angeles Kings  Every year, we predict, we project, we try to come up with logical conclusions to what's going to happen in the latest NHL season. Everyone has their opinions, everyone comes up with their own regular season and playoff winners, their own Final, their own Stanley Cup Champions. Usually, those predictions end up being wrong. Sure, you might get lucky with a high seed, but if the playoffs prove anything year-in and year-out, it's that the National Hockey League is absolutely unpredictable. This season has ramped that up to a degree we've never seen before. To give you a brief summary, the fir...

Eastern Conference Final Predictions: New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils


2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Eastern Conference FinalNew York Rangers ( 1 ) vs. New Jersey Devils ( 6 )  It's always fun when rivals meet in the playoffs. Penguins vs. Flyers. Habs vs. Bruins. Canucks vs. Blackhawks. Bad blood makes for good hockey, and more importantly, good television. Even better when it's late in the playoffs, like this year's Eastern Conference Finals between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. The best word to describe the feelings between these two teams is probably "bad blood", but then again that word pretty much sums up any match-up in the Atlantic Division. There's a lot at play here. Location. Histo...

Flyers Vs. Devils, ECSF Game 3: The Time For Excuses Is Over

There is a laundry list of reasons given when a team doesn’t perform well: tension in the locker room, injuries, a lack of jump, so on and so forth. The team vows that they’ll play better next time, that they’ll keep working at it, and they’ll be just fine.

That’s a vow the Flyers are going to need to keep in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, after dropping two games in a row to the New Jersey Devils and falling a game behind in the series.

A one-game deficit might not sound like that big of an issue, but with the way the Flyers have played over the last two games, tying the series up seems like a much more daunting task than it usually might.

There have been slow starts, lapses in communication, weak goals allowed, and defensive breakdowns – things that the team has been dealing with all season. After 91 games, it’s about time that they figure out a solution to those issues.

Flyers vs. Devils, Eastern Conference Semifinals: Flyers Must Work Harder

After Flyers practice Wednesday, Claude Giroux minced no words on his line and the team’s Game 2 performance.

"We didn’t play hard.…we need to play harder….be hard on [New Jersey]….we want to be a team that works hard….outworked….lost battles….didn’t have jump….”

In just 1:53 of media availability posted to the team’s website, Giroux made the Flyers shortcomings quite clear.

They didn’t work hard enough.

It seems perplexing. A team in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs came out in a rowdy home environment and….didn’t work hard enough?

Flyers vs. Devils ECSF Game 2: Flyers Corner Radio

TCL's Mark Trible was joined on air Monday night by two callers and addressed the series after Game 1 and moving forward.

What was impressive about Game 1?

What will happen in Game 2?

Can the Flyers get past the Rangers if both teams advance?

Mark weighed in on all that and more!

Flyers vs. Devils, Eastern Conference Semifinals 2012: Staff Predictions

With the second round series between the Devils and Flyers set to start Sunday, the TCL Flyers staff gave their predictions!

Who will win?

How many games?

What happened in the season series?

Find out all that and more!

Jersey showdown: Devils face elimination by Panthers on Tuesday

The Florida Panthers weren't expected to be contenders in this year's playoffs. The team had been completely overhauled last summer under their still-new-car-smell GM; they had a new coach who was going to have his first year as an NHL coach. So long as the team climbed out of the league basement, anything else was gravy.

Yet they have pushed the NJ Devils to the brink of elimination in the first round.

The Devils have one of the defining goalies of the NHL in their net: Martin Brodeur, a goalie who is so good that the league changed the rules because of him - the implementation of the trapezoid, which came to be known as the "Brodeur rule". The las...