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Delay of Game Penalty needs to Change

In Saturday afternoon's game against the Bruins, Braydon Coburn fired a puck 200 feet and was called for delay of game because he was in the defensive zone. Matt Brigidi analyzes Rule 63 and explains why the rule needs to be revised.

Crosby's comments offer cover for NHL head-shot dinosaurs

How much cover does the National Hockey League need before it can summon the nerve to outlaw players from pointlessly whacking each other on the head?

The league is terrified of ruling against head shots for fear it will be accused of lacking the manly qualities it believes fans expect of it.  And some of the handful of fans attracted to games in no-hope hockey towns in the southern U.S. might decide to stay home and watch crocodile wrestling on TV instead. Gary Bettman and his pals can't back down without fear of looking all sissified or something.

But now Sidney Crosby has provided all the cover required to make a change, the need for which has been painfully obviou...