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HBO 24/7: Episode Two Review

HBO’s “24/7” series finally delivered the goods.

The Detroit Red Wings coverage in the first episode had displayed a tame and reluctant club in front of the cameras, mostly regurgitating cliché lines the viewers are accustomed to hear in the post-game. This second episode, though, captured the unfiltered inner sanctum of the Red Wings. If Detroit wanted to appear composed and level-headed in front of the cameras, the team’s losing streak derailed any hope of that.

With that, here are some of the more interesting tidbits regarding the Red Wings:

Brendan Smith alluded to Mike Babcock asking him who he’d rather play against, Sidney Crosby ...

It's Official: The New York Islanders Will Play The New York Rangers At Yankee Stadium

Many years ago, Charles Wang set forth an initiative to have the New York Islanders play at Yankee Stadium against the New York Rangers. At the time, the Islanders were not in the middle of a rebuild, but were not one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference either.

Therefore, like many other things that have happened on the island in recent years, the idea was eventually shot down.

Although he may not have gotten his beloved Lighthouse Project or new arena in Nassau County, one of Wang's visions will finally come true.

The New York Islanders will play against the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium on January 29th, 2014.