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Winnipeg worth it? Absolutely: TSN Announced 10-Year Deal


Winnipeg is back on the map. The flags are being flown from cars, the digital bulletin boards across the city flash "Welcome Back Jets!", and the Jets t-shirt-sightings are increasing more and more each day. Can you talk too much about the Winnipeg Jets and the pride the citizens there are feeling? You might think so, but think again. There are steps being taken to ensure every Jets fan is 100% satisfied...even the 8,500 fans on a season-ticket waiting list that is full for the next five years. On August 31, True North Sports & Entertainment, owners of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club, announced at 10 year deal with Bell Media, and The Sports Network (TSN).&...

Winnipeg's Young Ladd

The initial hype has settled. Things are looking back to normal in the so-called Heart of the Continent. Summer is ending, days are getting shorter, and the fall is right around the corner. Winnipeg now waits in the wings like a flock of hungry thrashers (too soon?) for the puck to drop.

In the meantime, it is time to look at the Jets roster for their inaugural season in the National Hockey League. 

One idea to remember is...the new Winnipeg Jets are the Atlanta Thrashers from last year. The Thrashers only made the playoffs once since 1999. Having said that, the Jets have much better fan support and are guaranteed to be sold out for at least the next five years. Let's...

NHL rules debate leaves Crosby on the sidelines

No one ever accused the National Hockey League of being pro-active. On anything. If the NHL was in charge of the fight against cancer, it would still be debating whether dying prematurely was an issue worth addressing.

A week or so ago, the league got much pre-season attention when it held a camp in Toronto to evaluate a few possible tweaks to the rules. Maybe nets should be shallower, so players had more room to manoeuvre and could score more often on the wraparound.

Maybe a green line should be painted inside the goal to make it easier to judge when pucks had fully entered the net. Maybe penalized players should have to serve out the full two minutes, producing more short-ha...

Will El Nino Strike The Island?

We all know that an earthquake in Virginia was felt throughout Long Island and upwards into Canada yesterday, but the question that is looming on most minds of Islanders fans is if Nino Niederreiter will be cracking the line-up this season.

El Nino, (which is Spanish for, "the Nino"), is a 6'2, 203 pound left winger that is coming off a spectacular year with the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL. After a 60 point season in 2010, Niederreiter tallied 41 goals and 29 assists for 70 points in 55 games played this year; a 10 point improvement in 10 fewer games played. He also captained Team Switzerland in this year's World Junior Championships and was second on the team ...

Pride, Power and Passion


December 25. October 31. February 14. All holidays that millions upon millions of people recognize in an instant. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day. Familiar, yes?

How about April 28, 1996? Where were you on that day?

Not a lot of people would recognize that date as anything significant, save for citizens of  Manitoba's largest city in what they call the Heart of The Continent: Winnipeg.

On this dreadful day in 1996, the city lost much of it's pride, power, and passion as the Winnipeg Jets flew off in to the distance to arrive in Arizona and become the Phoenix Coyotes. This was a new attempt by the National Hockey League t...

Uphill Climb

For those of you who haven't looked at the Dallas Stars' schedule, the beginning of the season is approaching soon.  Thing is, it's going to be a tough start for the new-look team.

The 2011-12 season begins within the confines of the American Airlines Center, but against the team that The Hockey News picked as the Western Conference finalist--the Chicago Blackhawks.  Not only one game against the Hawks.  Two.  October 7 and 8, prepare yourself for a home-and-home with one of the strongest teams in the entire National Hockey League. 

Not all is lost.  Last season, the Stars romped over not just the Chicago Blackhawks, but the Central Di...

One-on-One With Brian Rolston

The Islanders went into the off-season with a game plan of finding a top-six forward that could help the team transition from the rebuilding phase into a playoff contender. With Marty Reasoner signed to round out the bottom two lines, the Islanders traded oft-injured winger Trent Hunter to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for 18-year veteran Brian Rolston.

Rolston carries a booming slap shot along with an impressive resume that will add veteran leadership and depth to the Islanders line-up.

With training camp just a few weeks away, Rolston called me this afternoon to discuss his expectations for the upcoming year, his experiences with the Devils last season and the potential ...

Better With Popcorn: Fall Sports Games Preview


It's that time of year again. The latest round of sports games is about to hit store shelves, mostly from publisher Electronic Arts, and Better With Popcorn will be on top of all of them. TCL and BWP contributor Russell Dornisch has your preview of all the upcoming titles, from Madden 12 to what will certainly be interesting to TCL readers, NHL 12.

Will you be spending money on the latest editions of all your favorite sports games? Have they changed enough from last year's games to warrant an investment? BWP will help you figure all of this out, with our look at what's coming out this fall.

Check out a preview of the article below for NHL 12, and ...

August Sucks

So here we stand. It's August and the NHL offseason is two months done. And I am bored out of my skull.

Every year we go from training camp to the exhibition season, the regular season starts, the trade deadline comes and goes, the stretch run gets exciting, the playoffs start, the Finals happen, and then the draft comes up and free agency ensues. And then there's August.

Nothing happens! Even in late July there was at least a signing a day. But now all we have is Scott Hannan going to Calgary. I guess I could report on Fabian Brunnstrom signing a tryout contract with Detroit, but it isn't that exciting, even for a Wings fan like myself.

So what can we do to ...

A Look At the Defense on the Island

There had been talk since the start of free agency that the Islanders were going to look to add a top six forward as well as a top four defenseman. So far, General Manager Garth Snow has traded Trent Hunter to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for veteran winger, Brian Rolston. It was seen as mostly a cap floor move as his salary brings them closer to that goal, but he also will provide veteran leadership, a booming slap-shot and a top-six presence as long as he stays healthy.

But the defenseman has yet to be found.

The Islanders went into the off-season with six defenseman already under contract with Mark Streit, Andy MacDonald, Travis Hamonic, Mark Eaton, Mike Mottau and Mil...