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After Rough Finish, Caps Not in a Free Agent Frenzy

By Scott Lowe

A wise man who happened to be a former boss of mine and a baseball hall of famer once provided me with a nugget of business and life advice that has served me well over the years (although I’m not always successful with the execution; kind of like the Capitals’ and their defensive system): Try to take the emotion out of everything you do.

At least attempting to follow that advice over the years has served me pretty well. I’m an extremely competitive person, so I’ve learned that when I’m embroiled in emotionally charged situations, a period of cooling off and analysis usually serves me well instead of a knee-jerk response. Over the ye...

Putting the Ericsson Signing in Perspective

I know that the re-signing by the Detroit Red Wings of defenseman Jonathon Ericsson has left many people scratching their heads or searching for their bottle of cyanide pills (Kyle), but it actually makes sense in how the organization operates.

Lets start off by looking at the contracts & cap hits of current Red Wing defensemen:






PlayerCap HitContract LengthYear Signed% of CapLidstrom$6.25M120119.72%*Rafalski$6.00M5200711.92%Stuart$3.75M420086.61%Ericsson$3.25M320115.05%Kronwall$3.00M520075.96%Kindl$0.88M320101.49%* Retired, but included as he was under contract for 2011-12

The percentage shown above r...

It was Free agency eve and all through the house...

Not a creature was stirring...

This years free agency frenzy could be on of the craziest ones in recent memory.  We can attribute that to the new salary cap rules for next season and the biggest change for most teams: the new salary cap floor.  While some teams are trying to find ways to get under the cap, others are actually being forced to spend money to hit the floor.  Colorado and Florida are a couple of teams in this very situation.  Both teams have quite the amount to make up and could sign several big contracts tomorrow.  This means free agents every where are rejoicing as bloated contra...

NHLPA Files Grievance Against Nashville Predators


Earlier today the media had leaked that there may have been some problems with the Qualifying offers Poile had sent out to his RFAs. There was no word as to what the actually problem was, but when asked about it the Predators were not even aware that there was a problem. The Predators are in the middle of their annual development camp for prospects, and did not seem worried about the situation. 

The NHL then issued a statement saying:

"We are not aware of any defects relating to Qualifying Offers tendered by the Nashville Predators to certain of the team's players as several media outlets are reporting.  Those players, having timely received Qua...

Free Agent Update, New Faces Added to Mix

It seems as though the Detroit Red Wings will have some tough decisions to make come July 1st. First of all, Christian Ehrhoff's rights were traded from the Vancouver Canucks to the New York Islanders for a 4th round draft pick next season. Ehrhoff has been rumoured to be heavily coveted by the Detroit organization and the Isles have thrown a kink into the plan.

When it comes down to money, Ehrhoff will likely use defenceman like the newly signed Joni Pitkanen as a comparable and command around 4 million dollars a year. Seeing that an aging Brian Rafalski was worth 6 million, I  think ...

Dramatic Realignment Coming

According to a source at the NHL Draft this past week, there has been a drastic idea to change the divisions for the 2012-13 season.

An NHL executive that was quoted annonymously said that Gary bettman has proposed a system where there are still the Eastern and Western Conferences, but each conference will have only two divisions.

The West would have the Pacific and Midwest, and the East would have the East and the South.

In this scenario it was said that both the Columbus Blue Jackets and Detroit Red Wings would move to the Eastern Conference, which makes you wonder what the divisions would look like next year. Obviously with an odd number of teams, a division in each c...

What Are The Islanders Up To This Off-Season?

After the Islanders selected Ryan Strome with the fifth overall pick at this year's draft, the media was treated to a little catch-up session with a handful of Islander fan-favorites including John Tavares, Matt Moulson, Michael Grabner, Trevor Gillies, Kevin Poulin, Micheal Haley, Matt Martin and Travis Hamonic. They all had plenty to say about the newest addition to the Islanders prospect pool as well as how their off-season has been going thus far.

Matt Moulson had ties to John Tavares when he was picked by the Islanders since they grew up together back home in Canada. But Strome is another prospect that Moulson previously knew before their...

'Yotes end draft with local flavour

Scottsdale native Zac Larraza was selected by the team he idolized this weekend, in the 7th round, 196th overall.
Photo: phoenixcoyotes.com

Six forwards and two defensemen were added to the pack on draft weekend, beginning with blueliner Connor Murphy, picked 20th overall. The 6 foot 3 native of Dublin, Ohio will play for Miami University in fall 2011 after having played only 14 games this year for the American Under-18 team due to injury, recording six points. Previous to that, he went 7-11-18 when he laced up for 35 games with the Columbus Jr. Blue Jackets. His father Gord is an assistant coach with the Florida Panthers, having played for the Philadelphia Flyers, Boston...

The value of a trade no longer measured in production.


There is a change in the way NHL contracts will be approached with the increase of the NHL salary cap. Contracts that were once deemed untradeable now have a strong bargaining value.  With teams like the Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, and even the Nashville Predators riding very close to the salary cap floor;  teams such as the Blackhawks, Rangers, and even Canadiens can trade underachieving players with monster contracts for little in return.  While multiple teams have made trades that were deemed salary dumping, the new rise in the cap floor is going to allow more teams to make such moves because more teams are in need of clearing the ...

2011 NHL Draft Liveblog at The Checking Line!

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