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Hats Off! Look Who Has Hat Tricks This Season

An Interesting Look at Who Has the Hat-Tricks This Season We are more than halfway through the 2009-2010 season, and there are many teams that have surprised fans. What may be more surprising is which teams have recorded hat tricks this season. There are eight teams left who have not done it yet this season. The league leading Chicago Blackhawks are one of those eight teams. The others are: Buffalo, Washington, Colorado, Rangers, Anaheim, Atlanta, and Edmonton. Even the last place Carolina Hurricanes have recorded a hat trick—three times. Washington leads the league in goals with 182, easily the most in the league. However, not one of their players have scored three goals in o...

TCL Top Ten: 10 Reasons Why the NHL Will Always be #4

I was born a hockey fan, and I will die a hockey fan. Nothing will ever keep me from watching an NHL game, especially a Montreal Canadiens game. But unfortunately, not everyone was born from the same mold as us ''hardcore'' fans. There are a lot of things holding the NHL back. There are many issues keeping the NHL at #4 amongst the major North American sports, and there is seemingly no chance of improvement in site. What are the main problems holding the NHL back? How spiteful will this list be? Read below to find out! Here is a list of ten issues that, in my opinion, are plaguing the league. Some interlap, or could be grouped into a bigger problem, but all hold their unique aspec...

Cormier Will Likely Face Charges For Vicious Elbow

UPDATE: Patrice Cormier has been suspended indefinitely according to TSN On Sunday night, Patrice Cormier delivered possibly one of the dirtiest and most vicious attacks I have ever seen in the history of this sport. Patrice Cormier, a New Jersey Devils prospect and the captain of the Canadian Junior team that just won the Silver medal will likely be facing a large suspension for his hit on the Quebec Remparts' Mikael Tam. However, a large suspension is the least of Cormier's worries right now, as the Remparts are expected to press criminal charges against Cormier according to futureconsiderations.ca As you can see from the video, Tam went immediately to the ice in convu...

Most Ridiculous Goal Ever

My favorite thing is how the guy who scored the actual goal seemed to do nothing on the play.

Burning the League 15/01/2010

BTL has been updated for January 15th. Check it out and leave your comments ---->

New Poll: Which Western team has the best chance of making the playoffs?

This past Sunday we asked the question: Which Eastern conference team currently sitting out of the playoff picture has the best chance of making it in come April? Tonight, we travel across the Mississippi and look at the chances of some Western teams that are currently on the outside looking in. Click here to vote! Ok, I just really wanted to say "travel across the Mississippi". Nevertheless, the Western Conference playoff scene is just as interesting as the one in the East. But before we get to them, let's take a look at the results from the Eastern Conference. It's interesting to note that most of the non-playoff teams in the East have games in hand over their direct com...

New Poll: Which Eastern team has the best chance of making the playoffs?

Today's new poll features six Eastern conference teams that are currently on the outside looking in. Most if not all of them are still clinging on to playoff hopes a little more than halfway through the season, but which team will make it in? Tell us what you think here! Of course, not all of them can make the post season. And with at least 5 or 6 other teams all but locks to make the playoffs, that only leaves a spot or two for the six teams listed. Will it be:

9. The Philadelphia Flyers - 47 points in 44 games, 22-19-3. The Flyers went through a stretch of games that had most people thinking they were going to be a lottery team. A fired coach, locker room troubles, ina...

Team Canada Jersey Numbers

The 23 representatives for Canada at the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Winter Games have selected their jersey numbers. A few players will wear some unfamiliar numbers as the younger players gave way to the veterans. Goaltenders 1 - Luongo 29 - Fleury 30 - Brodeur Defense 2 - Keith 6 - Weber 7 - Seabrook 8 - Doughty 20 - Pronger 22 - Boyle 27 - Niedermayer Forwards 10 - Morrow 11 - Marleau 12 - Iginla 15 - Heatley 16 - Toews 18 - Richards 19 - Thornton 21 - Staal 24 - Perry 37 - Bergeron 51 - Getzlaf 61 - Nash 87 - Crosby

World Junior Championship Draws Mind-Boggling Record Audience

The heroics of Jordan Eberle and his gang of under-20s that led to one of the most exciting gold medal games in recent memory drew a record audience for TSN Tuesday night. The 5.3 million viewers that tuned in to watch Jordan Eberle score 2 goals to tie up the game 5-5 with only minutes left - only to lose the game on a John Carlsson goal in overtime - not only broke World Junior ratings records... not only TSN record all-time ratings... but it was the highest watched Canadian broadcast in almost 5 years. While this doesn't legitimate the Junior tournament in my eyes any further (more on that later), it certainly shows that Canadians care about their sport, and, in this case sp...