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NHL Predictions 11/17

Season Record (Winning Teams): 82-77 Season Record (Full Predictions) : 6-155 Sorry for missing a few days all, as a lot has been going on in the life of this Hockey Guy. Tonight's quick hit Predictions: 7:00 PM Washington (12-4-4) NY Rangers (11-8-1) The King against Alex "The Great" makes for a Versus (here in the States) spectacular. Final - Rangers 3 Caps 2 F/OT ----------------------------------------------------------------- 7:30 PM Carolina (3-12-4) Montreal (9-11-0) What a game for tonight. Habs searching for scoring and Identity, while Carolina is looking for a lifeline. Final - Habs 4 Canes 2 --------------------------------------------------------...

No Foppa This Year

Swedish superstar Peter Forsberg has announced that he will remain in Sweden this year and play for MoDo. According to Bob McKenzie of TSN, Forsberg will see how his foot holds up and may attempt a return to the NHL next season.

NHL Predictions 11/12

Season Record (Winning Teams): 81-70 Season Record (Full Predictions) : 6-147 7:00 PM Atlanta (7-6-1) NY Rangers (10-7-1) The King is back in net for the Blueshirts tonight. The M*A*S*H* unit for the forwards is another story. No Kovalchuck = loss. Final - Rangers 4 Thrashers 2 7:00 PM Ottawa (8-5-2) Philadelphia (9-4-1) Razor against his former club. Determination! It's the Razor's Edge tonight. Final - Flyers 4 Sens 1 7:00 PM Florida (5-9-1) Boston (8-7-2) The may not score, but Thomas is starting to play really well. Final - Bruins 2 Panthers 1 F/OT 7:30 PM New Jersey (12-4-0) Pittsburgh (12-6-0) Snoozefest of the evening? The Devils are boring. ...

NHL Predictions 11/11

Season Record (Winning Teams): 77-68
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-142

A nice game night last night, although Habs fans and Leafs fans probably do not think so.  Unfortunate situations for the Habs as they can not generate offense. The Leafs, were just beaten by a hungrier team.  Onto tonight:


7:00 PM
Anaheim (6-7-2)
New Jersey (11-4-0)

The red hot New Jersey Devils begin a back to back sequence starting tonight at home against the Anaheim Ducks. Martin Brodeur or Yan Danis, that is the question yet to be ...

NHL Predictions 11/10

Season Record (Winning Teams): 73-66
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-136

A fairly nice night on the scheulde tonight in the NHL. Unfortunately I can not give an in depth outlook on my predictions just yet. However, soon enough I will be back to normal.

Be sure to check out The Hockey Guys! Hockey radio show tonight from 9PM to 11PM. Onto tonight:

7:00 PM

Pittsburgh (12-5-0)
Boston (7-7-2)

The Penguins are losers of two straight games and a few key players to injury. The Bruins are losers to too many players going out with injuries. Thomas will stand on his head tonight, but the Pengu...

NHL Predictions 11/8

Season Record (Winning Teams): 73-64

Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-134

I was so upset that I missed yesterday's great schedule. However, I think I would of done pretty bad, so in a sense I'm glad I missed it. Some amazing hockey yesterday, and now, the disappointment of the next two days. What on God's earth is the NHL thinking with this scheduling? Ugh.....

5:00 PM

St. Louis (5-6-3)
Atlanta (6-6-1)

St. Louis had a tough game yesterday against the Philadelphia Flyers, losing in a shoot-out 2-1. Chris Mason is starting to play better and better with each game, and I, although it's a back to back game, would start Mason ...

NHL Predictions 11/6

Season Record (Winning Teams): 69-62
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-128

It's gonna be quick again.  Grrrr.....I hate how life get's in the way of blogging, now if only blogging was life (and a paying gig):

7:00 PM
NY Islanders (5-5-5)
New Jersey (9-4-0)

Battle of the "back-ups".

Final - Isles 4 Devils 3


7:00 PM
Toronto (1-7-5)
Carolina (2-9-3)

Battle of the leagues "worst".

Final - Canes 2 Leafs 1


NHL Predictions 11/4

Season Record (Winning Teams): 65-60
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-122

Last night, not so much.  Onto tonight. Six decent games to watch tonight.  Here we go: (sorry, no time today for snipits!)

7:00 PM
New Jersey (8-4-0)

Final - Caps 3 Devils 2

7:00 PM
NY Islanders (5-4-5)
Buffalo (8-2-1)

Final - Sabres 2 Isles 1 F/OT

7:00 PM
San Jose (10-4-1)
Columbus (7-5-1)

Final - Sharks 5 BJs 3

7:30 PM
Carolina (2-8-3)
Florida (4-7-1)

Final - Canes 3 Panthers 2 F/SO

8:30 PM

The Hockey Guys!

The Hockey Guys are live tonight from 9PM to 11PM.

For all you hockey fans, this is a must listen and get involved type of show.

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Greg Wyshynski aka Puck Daddy of Yahoo and Hockeybuzz blogger Denise Karl will be special guests tonight.

Be sure to be there!

NHL Predictions 11/3

Season Record (Winning Teams): 66-56
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-117

The battle of the goalies will be tonight's theme as my Crystal ball shows me guiding light and it's been a view of all situations that make me feel that guy's between the pipes tonight are the key.

7:00 PM
Boston (6-6-1)
Detroit (5-4-3)

The Red Wings and Bruins, although both at or above .500, are desperate to find a way to generate offense and get a win. Tim Thomas goes up against Chris Osgood in Hockeytown tonight.  If the Bruins can find some serious change of chemistry and generate offense, it will spell trouble for the Red Wings.

Final -...