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Selections from a Mid-Season Analysis

The Wings began the second leg of this season yesterday and started off nearly as poorly as they began the season. Let's face it, when you lose to a team half as good as the Blues by half the margin, the odd's the difference.

Riding the Rails and The Hometown Discount

With a two-hour train ride ahead of me, I find myself with an excellent opportunity to finally talk a bit about Nick Lidstrom's future in more depth. To my shock and amazement, I should even be able to have this available to you, the reader, immediately. It seems this rail service has a wi-fi connection I can actually gain access to, which has been a rarity during my stay in the UK.

With time going by quickly as the Conference finals have already begun, the question looms ever closer: Will Nicklas Lidstrom retire? Some say yes and others say no, but the one thing that seems to be constant is the belief that Lidstrom is certainly -capable- of playing another season should he see fit to do so. The problem is, what must the Wings do to make returning to the team look like the more appealing option, and what is Nick willing to do to help Detroit make this run more successful than the last four?

Thoughts From Abroad: More Off-Season Reflection

I'm currently 33,000 feet above the Atlantic as I write this. I'm going to the place where I first experienced a world that spanned continents rather than merely cities. The excitement is such that I simply cannot sleep, despite the fact that our flight left Halifax at around 11:30PM and gets into London's Heathrow at just south of 9:00 in the morning.

As I shoot through the sky at nearly 500mph, I try to think of things to distract myself from the exhaustion that should be overtaking me. If one thing can drive me to distraction, it is my Red Wings.

As the playoffs continue on without Detroit, the Wings, as it has already been painfully discussed, need to address a number of concerns that led to their quick post-season demise. Some of the thoughts I type here may echo my previous article, but again, I do what I must to stave off the thought of how tired I am while not being able to simply drift off.

Game 5 Preview: Hold off the Preds

Friday night’s game in Nashville will feature two very desperate teams. One team will try to be the first team in Stanley Cup playoffs advance to the second round. The other team will be trying to avoid a first round collapse for the first time since 2006 (Steve Yzerman’s last game as a Red Wing).

Henrik Zetterberg: Potential Wings Captain?

Henrik Zetterberg is an all-star player, in the past and present. “Z” or "Zetty the Grizzly Teddy" has landed 68 points in the 81 games he has played this season. The assistant captain’s career has been very successful thus so far, making him a eligible candidate for the potential position opening up at the end of this season: captain.

Nicklas Lidstrom was deemed captain in 2006 after the famous Steve Yzerman retired. However, before Lidstrom was named, rumors spread that Zetterberg may be up for the title. No one is complaining about the “C’ sewn on #5’s jersey, but it seems even more likely that &ldq...

Wings want to avoid Blue Jackets revenge

Everything went the Wings' way on Monday night. They can only hope for something similar tonight as they head to Columbus for their final meeting against the Blue Jackets this season.

Monday saw the Wings dominate on home ice, with a 7-2 victory. The win sealed the 21st consecutive playoff trip for Detroit, the longest record of any professional sports franchise in North America.

Tomas Holmstrom had two of the goals, and Henrik Zetterberg and Todd Bertuzzi each had four assists on the night. Captain Nicklas Lidstrom even had a goal for his grand return after being injured.

Wings have been stellar at home this season, but does a trip to Columbus worry them? Based on t...

Can Detroit Make A New Streak?

Tonight the Detroit Red Wings will have a chance to get ahead in the league again in their match-off with the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets. The Wings will take on the Jackets on home ice at the Joe Louis Arena at 7:30PM.

The Wings are currently in sixth place in the National Hockey League and Columbus still sits at the bottom of the standings. Detroit is 3-1 against Columbus this season, only losing once in Columbus back in October. The Jackets being so low standing leaves many Wings fans feeling relieved about the next two games on the schedule. However, every team in this league is fantastic and in order to win, the Wings must bring all of their effort.

Rick Nash is always a ...

Sochi-Bound Red Wings

There are almost two years until the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia however the gears of preparation are well into use. Canada has tapped Red Wing legend Steve Yzerman to return as executive director for Canada. Wings GM Ken Holland will be a key member of Yzerman's support staff, however it's doubtful Yzerman and Holland will be the only two people with Red Wing ties at Sochi.

Of course rosters change and the Red Wings are in for a moderate overhaul over the next two seasons but there are some shoe-ins to be Olympians, some players who would be on the bubble if selections were today and some youngsters that may push for a bid as they develop.

The Undoubted


Datsyuk is Back for Game Tonight!

Detroit rounds up their road trip tonight, facing the San Jose Sharks at 10:30PM. Their last ten games have been quite rough, standing 3-6-1. San Jose is not all that much better at 3-4-3. Who will be able to come out on top in this last regular season meeting?

The Wings beat the Sharks in their last meeting on February 19th, where the Wings won their 23rd consecutive home game. However, the Sharks won two of the three meetings this season. The Wings have one major advantage. Two words: Pavel Datsyuk. That’s right, Datsyuk has announced his return to the ice for the game tonight and I could not be more thrilled. The injury stricken team has been suffering without him.


How would the proposed rule changes affect the Wings?


The GM meetings in Boca Roaton just recently wrapped up and GMs discussed some rule potential changes that on the surface, wouldn't largely affect the game. More relevant topics could have been discussed, like head shots, concussions, and the potential lockout that is staring everyone in the face. The speed of the game, head shots, and concussions all have seemed to increase since the 2004-2005 lockout (REVENUE has also increased too, every year, *cough*). The subtle point of revenue increasing is likely the reason there are only small rule changes being proposed, with the GMs likely thinking 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. As long as the game continues to...