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What are the Chicago Blackhawks’ Trade Targets?

  The upcoming Olympic break will give every team in the NHL a chance to pause, reflect, and evaluate what they need to do to improve in the future. More importantly, it will allow them to look at potential trade targets to finish off their season. More than most, the defending Stanley Cup champions cannot relax and rest on their laurels; they have a brutal Western Conference to survive before they can even start thinking about a return to the post-season and a chance to defend their title. Fans betting on NHL know the team have not been performing lately and look as though they need fresh blood and some fine-tuning, although it would make no sense for them to make wholes...

Islanders Lose Second In A Row But Still Earn A Point Against Winnipeg

During the second intermission, MSG's Peter Ruttgaizer asked Islanders assistant coach Doug Weight what he wanted in the third period and Weight responded, "two goals."

The request was granted, and then some!

Where Are They Now? Mark Parrish

Where is that big-bodied forward that played for the Islanders in the early 2000’s?

Where is that forward that used to be part of the 7’s line with Michael Peca and Shawn Bates?

Where is Mark Parrish?

All things Flames. Cervenka, Jokinen, Kipper, Coach, Draft

Coming off of garbage bag day there seemed to be an air of pent up frustration with the Flames management and the team in general. It is easy to forget that the Flames had played their way into a legit shot at the post season, winning five games in a row. After seeing that kind of streak it was bitterly disappointing to watch them fail miserably in a week where they faced the worst team in the league, the second worst team in the league and the second worst team in the division. The losses were the nail in the coffin that meant the Flames would yet again miss the Playoffs. I remind us of this because it is easy to forget our frustration, the reason why fans were calling for massive changes.

The changes were supposed to be dramatic, Iginla and Kiprusoff were mentioned in every trade rumour and fantasy scenario a fan could think of. Iginla for Staal, Kipper for Columbus 1st round pick, on and on. We wondered what massive changes would take place because obviously the Flames are just banging their head against the wall with Kipper and Iginla right? No one is mad at those players but it seemed a change was necessary to move forward.

Flames Shut out by Kings: Golf Season Awaits

The Flames decided it best not to show up in the most crucial game of the season.

So be it. The 2012 NHL Playoffs will begin in 2 weeks and the Flames will, once again, not be apart of it.


Flames Win: Hope Lingers for Playoffs

Hope is still alive as the Flames squeezed out a win on Monday night with a 5-4 win over the Dallas Stars.

Two points back and five games to go with four games at home and two of those games against teams you are chasing.

There is still a chance. Slim. But still a chance.

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Flames Lose Fifth Straight: Season Over

The Calgary Flames lost their fifth game in a row on Saturday afternoon in Dallas 4-1.

The season is all but over.

What's the problem though and why did they go on this slide?

In my opinion, it's a losing mentality that's ingrained in the dressing room starting with the coach.

Olli Olli Oxen Free

Olli Jokinen and the Calgary Flames have had an interesting past three years to say the least.

Trading for him.

Trading him away in a bizarre situation.

Re-signing him five months later.

It's been odd. But now, he is the Flames leading scorer and has a contract expiring. What do you do with him?

Blackhawks burned by Flames in 3-1 loss

Going into tonight’s game I was hoping to see an improved defensive performance from the horrid game against Edmonton the night before. I think every Blackhawks fan was looking for answers after the Oilers game.  How would the Blackhawks respond? With the quick turnaround I wasn’t quite sure if we would see a tired drained Hawks team or an invigorated team looking for a little payback.

In the first week of the nine game three week road stretch to say this Canadian trip has not started the way the Blackhawks would have liked is an understatement.  Coming into this game out of a possible four points against Western Conference opponents the Hawks only garnered one...

Flames shut out by Sharks

The Flames head into the All Star break by losing 1-0 to the San Jose Sharks.

Through 50 games they sit in exactly the same position as last season.

Will this year be any different? Come and find out