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A Case of Transparency

Before the Toronto Maple Leafs played the Boston Bruins on Saturday night, Leafs head coach Ron Wilson said to the media that Jonas Gustavsson would likely start in goal. James Reimer was just cleared for game action that morning, and against the scorching hot Boston Bruins, why put your goalie in a baptism of fire upon his return?

When the Leafs came out for warmups that evening, Reimer was taking all of the shots. The media panicked. Ron Wilson lied! "Why is Reimer starting?!" they asked. James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail caused a Twitter feud with Leafs faithful after trying to find reasons for the confusion.

If the Maple Leafs had won that game in the wake of th...

JvR and Lilja Injured; Updates on Jagr and Pronger

The Flyers have been bite by the injury bug, hard. Matt Brigidi keeps you up-to-date with the latest.

The Big E Returns

#88 is back in Philadelphia after a decade-long divorce. After John LeClair was confirmed to play in the Winter Classic Alumni game, Lindros tossed his hat in the ring. Has anyone seen Mikael Renberg? John Russo has the story.

Game Day Preview: Flyers Vs. Kings

The Philadelphia Flyers will face some old friends tonight when they take on the Los Angeles Kings in the Wells Fargo Center at 7:00 pm EST.

New Team Brings Apprehension


Once the wrecking ball completed the journey through the Flyers roster following last season, there was no doubt apprehension would follow. And it has. The Flyers fan base has seen an interesting and at times, tumultuous offseason. The captain’s gone, his sidekick is in Columbus and the season’s around the corner.

The really tricky thing about Philadelphia’s offseason is that they really only added one known quantity to the roster. When an exodus the magnitude of the one that general manager Paul Holmgren put into action occurs, usually the return soothes the hearts and souls of the fans. Aside from forward Maxime Talbot, the new players in orange and ...

Carter & Richards Still Headlines


With anonymous messages about the partying scene in the Philadelphia Flyers’ locker room last year, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards were back in the spotlight again on Monday. Philadelphia Daily News writer Dan Gross wrote a gossip column that once again brought the focus of the offseason back to a couple of the NHL’s biggest trades this season. Although the story certainly made some fans around the league raise an eyebrow or two, the idea that partying was the main reason why the two forwards were traded is ridiculous. 

Conveniently enough, the storyline of Carter and Richards living it up in the nightlife of Philadelphia is a long and well-kno...

Flyers Trade Darroll Powe to Minnesota

The Philadelphia Flyers shocked many again Monday afternoon by trading popular forward Darroll Powe to the Minnesota Wild. Powe was not a goal scoring player exactly, but he was affordable and did exactly what he was paid to do every single game.

Every team needs guys that are going to be counted on for their penalty killing more than anything. Star players help to kill off penalties as well, but it’s not always practical for them to total up so much ice time killing penalties when they are needed for an offensively heavy role. Powe was that guy for the Flyers. Powe was a ball of energy for the Flyers. He skated hard and hit harder. You could not deny that Powe gave 110 percen...