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Flyers Corner- Suspensions & Game 4

TCL's Mark Trible was joined on air Tuesday night by a couple of callers and The Fourth Period Penguins writer, Joe Depto.

The two discussed the suspensions levied by Brendan Shanahan; one game for James Neal and four for Arron Asham.

Was it fair? Or not enough?

Most of the 30 minute show was dedicated to the suspensions and the unruly play in this year's playoffs.

However, both Joe and Mark weighed in on game four at the end of the show.

The Shanahammer Should Be Dropped On The NHL Media

The playful metaphor that was used by The Checking Line at the beginning of the season is the only thing playful about the NHL Discipline Office these days.  It has become once again the mainstay of controversy in the NHL playoffs.  Fining coaches unnecessary amounts for comments made, yet allowing player safety issues to be countered by useless fines.  The NHL has lost its hold on itself and there is only one thing to truly blame, its own media.

The most perfect example of this, recent comments made by New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella.  Why is this, the perfect example? Well that can be answered by just checking the NHL web site.  Coach Torts&rsq...

Role Reversal: Flyers in Penguins' Heads

The Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins faced off in a playoff game. One team lost its cool and went over the line. They seemed to come close but never had enough to get over the hump.

One team looked like it was trying to exercise its demons and yet seemed so far from actually doing it.

Normally, that team is in black and orange. However, this time the orange has been swapped out for gold.

Sunday’s 8-4 game three win for Philadelphia felt like it was played in an opposite universe. Not long ago, Daniel Carcillo was running amok and Max Talbot was shushing the Wells Fargo Center crowd.

It seems like yesterday when Captain Mike Richards was losing his cool and letting the Pittsburgh superstars get under his skin. With those teams, it seemed like they’d never get over the brink against the Penguins.

Sunday, they were far beyond the brink.

Flyers Corner - Game 3 Review

Dustin Leed, Mark Trible, and Seth Hastings talked on Flyers Corner Sunday night about the Flyers 8-4 win over Pittsburgh.

They talked about the team's strong play as well as the shenanigans that took place after the whistles.

Will game four create a Flyers sweep? The boys delved into that as well.

Listen in!

Flyers Vs. Penguins ECQF: Pittsburgh's Asham and Neal to Face Disciplinary Hearings

Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos reported on Monday that two Pittsburgh Penguins will face disciplinary hearings on Tuesday morning for their actions in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

James Neal will have two hearings at 10am - one for his 3rd period hits on Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux.

Neal left his feet on the hit on Couturier, a hit that was unfounded and unnecessary as the rookie did not have control of the puck and it was nowhere near him. Neal targeted Couturier's head and left the 19-year-old dazed. Couturier left the ice for a few minutes to be tended to, but thankfully returned to finish the rest of the game.

It looked like a blatant attempt to take Couturier out, but Neal claimed it wasn't intentional.

All But Done


First off, before this rant ensues, I must give a truckload of credit to the Flyers.  They have asserted themselves as the dominant force. They have made every play, won every race, and finished every shift since period 2 of game 1.  They have not backed down, they have not given in, and they damn sure have not played like playoff rookies.  Kudos to all of those kids who have been disciplined, who have been smart, and who have played like aged veterans. Now….

What can be said? I am embarrassed as a Penguin fan.  From top to bottom this team has lost.  They have lost their heart, their identity, and their dignity. At this point it is just ...

Flyers Vs. Penguins ECQF, Game 3: Momentum on Flyers' Side

Heading into the third game of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, the Philadelphia Flyers have momentum on their side. Despite trailing the Pittsburgh Penguins by two goals or more in the first two games, the resilient group battled back in both and have taken a 2-0 series lead.

On Sunday, the two teams will meet for Game 3. The Flyers have already established their dominance over the Penguins, and have done so in dramatic fashion. They will be looking to make it three wins in a row, while the Penguins will hope to find their footing and earn their first victory of the series.

The Flyers had a 2-1 record against the Penguins at home and a 22-13-6 record overall in the Wells Fargo Center during the regular season, while Pittsburgh had a 22-15-4 road record.

Pittsburgh was the 2nd highest-scoring team on the road this season with 127 goals, while the Flyers were the 3rd highest-scoring home team with 139.

Flyers Vs. Penguins ECQF: Numbers Don't Tell Whole Story With Bryzgalov

It has been a wild start to the Eastern Conference quarterfinals between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. After two games, the series is heading to Philadelphia, with the Flyers up 2-0.

The Flyers’ offense has undoubtedly been a huge factor in the first two games of the series. Another big factor, one that has been overlooked, is the play of netminder Ilya Bryzgalov.

Bryzgalov has given up eight goals in just two games, but those numbers don’t speak to his full performance and contributions.

He gave up three goals in the first period of Game 1, but shut the Penguins down for the next two periods. In Game 2, Bryzgalov gave up three goals in the first period, but held the Penguins to just two more during the rest of the game.

Telling Signs of Game 1


In a very exciting game one, the Pittsburgh Penguins stormed out to a 3-0 lead. They dominated puck possession and hits early.  With thirteen shots on net in the first, the Penguins looked like they were going to intimidate Philadelphia early.  But their lead was not enough as they completely imploded and allowed Philadelphia to come back and win the game.

Telling Stat Number 1 – Turnovers

                I briefly touched on what was key to the Penguins winning this series, puck control.  Against Philadelphia all season Pittsburgh was only outshot twice, however, they ...

Flyers Corner Recaps Game One Win

TCL's Mark Trible took 30 minutes on Flyers Corner to talk about the team's big 4-3 overtime win in Pittsburgh.

Mark talked about what happened, where the Flyers go from here, and who stood out on Wednesday night.

The audio cuts out briefly, so don't think the recording is over!

Click the play button for archived listening or press the 'iTunes' button for podcast download!