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Will the changes be worth waiting for?

So it's been quite a year right? 

Trades, injuries, frustration.... it's had it all. This season has been up and down on several levels.

Whether you are completely disappointed with the season and/or missing the playoffs or if you count yourself among those who are happy to be in rebuilding mode (once again), the reality is here. It's time to change and the debate is over.

At trade deadline day and for the couple of weeks leading up to it, the Canadiens were in "seller" mode. The first moves towards a busy off season.

One of the "big" topics of discussion about the Habs for the last couple of years has been their size. And histo...

Sens drop first two games, no big deal

I am sure there are some Ottawa Senators fans out there who are saying "don't worry, it's only two games."

Those same Sens fans probably haven't been paying attention to anything that has happened for the Senators in 2011. This is a REBUILDING year.

Anyone who expects the team to have more than 35 wins is dreaming. I am not saying they can not achieve higher than 35 win, but I am saying it should not be expected. 

Teams can sometimes surprise their fans, and fans of the coolest game in general, but for the Sens to have a playoff year would be a miracle.

Interestingly enough, the first two games have shown the Senators to be quite a ...