Roman Cervanka

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Coming off of garbage bag day there seemed to be an air of pent up frustration with the Flames management and the team in general. It is easy to forget that the Flames had played their way into a legit shot at the post season, winning five games in a row. After seeing that kind of streak it was bitterly disappointing to watch them fail miserably in a week where they faced the worst team in the league, the second worst team in the league and the second worst team in the division. The losses were the nail in the coffin that meant the Flames would yet again miss the Playoffs. I remind us of this because it is easy to forget our frustration, the reason why fans were calling for massive changes.

The changes were supposed to be dramatic, Iginla and Kiprusoff were mentioned in every trade rumour and fantasy scenario a fan could think of. Iginla for Staal, Kipper for Columbus 1st round pick, on and on. We wondered what massive changes would take place because obviously the Flames are just banging their head against the wall with Kipper and Iginla right? No one is mad at those players but it seemed a change was necessary to move forward.