Rule Changes

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Delay of Game Penalty needs to Change

In Saturday afternoon's game against the Bruins, Braydon Coburn fired a puck 200 feet and was called for delay of game because he was in the defensive zone. Matt Brigidi analyzes Rule 63 and explains why the rule needs to be revised.

Time to say Goodbye to the Bullies?

TCL's Kim Pollock explains why the Flyers should leave the enforcer role in the past and move forward with a more progressive view on physical play.

Evaluating Overtime (Part One)

The NHL's current rules regarding overtime and shootouts were implemented to improve the game of hockey. However, the rules have presented some issues of their own. This is part one of a two-part look at some steps the NHL could take in order to make overtime/shootouts less controversial.

The NHL’s current overtime system was put into place in 2005-06 when the shootout was added onto the five-minute, 4-on-4 overtime period that was originally debuted in 1999-2000. In the current system, teams receive a point for getting to overtime, then earn an additional point if they score in overtime or win the shootout.  

But the system didn’t always operate th...