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David VS Goliath: Are the Flames a bunch of Davids?

The Flames have a woeful Goals Against this year. That stat is directly parable to the quality of defense shown lately. There is a trend emerging that shouldn't be ignored.

Many teams are searching for that one giant player that gives them a physical presence. Is it time for the Flames to seek out their own Goliath?

Setting the Baer High

On an aging team where the changing of the guard seems as inevitable as the changing of gonch, talk has seemed centred not around captain Jarome, but around the young Swiss right-winger, Sven Baertschi.

It seems that young Sven can’t go to the bathroom without some “analyst” critiquing him. Was it the right bathroom? Is that the bathroom that is best for him? Is it too early for him to go to THAT bathroom?


Waiting is the hardest part.

After only nine career NHL games with the Los Angeles Kings over a two-year period, Brayden Schenn quickly became familiar with the phrase.

Following an offseason trade to the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that was a perfect fit for the 20-year old center man to play right away, it seemed as though Schenn finally had his shot.

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Skates to Fill

Since the trade of Mike Richards, it has largely been assumed that Claude Giroux’s job next season is going to be to fill the void left by the former captain.  In order to accurately assess this statement one needs to analyze both players and look deeper than just the normal statistical categories of goals, assists, and points. By analyzing the context of each players scoring last season it will become more clear as to whether or not it will be up to Giroux to replace Richards.


Last season Richards...

Predators Draft Review and The New Jersey


Predators had a fairly calm draft compared to other teams, while others were making huge trades to either better their team or to dump salary, the Predators remained the same. The Predators had 7 picks this year and as well unveiled their new jerseys and logo.

Their first pick of the draft was at number #38 which was given to them in the Arnott trade, and they selected the first goalie Magnus Hellberg. The odd part is that he was not rated as the top goalie prospect, but was in the top 5. He was taken as the Preds saw similarities between him and Lindback and Rinne, which bolds well for the team.

Next was their #52 pic...