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Welcome To The Jungle, Marc Bergevin


Jeff Goldblum called, he wants his glasses and face back. It's been a long month since the Montreal Canadiens fired General Manager Pierre Gauthier at the end of March, with only a handful of games left in a regular season that was and felt much, much longer. The firing opened the organization up to a lot of speculation, as owner and team president Geoff Molson and special adviser (a former GM of the team himself) Serge Savard entered a long process to pick the person who would take this team forward in what can only be described as a rebuild. At the very least, a retooling. There were plenty of names mentioned, including just about ever Francophone assistant ...

The Life and Times of Brian Burke (Part 1)

He arrived in the hockey Mecca of Toronto, Canada in November 2008 to unprecedented fanfare. It was a highly publicized welcome fitting for a tried and true sports icon. An icon known not for a blazing shot or supreme playmaking skills (both painfully absent from the Leaf team he would inherit), but for his uncanny ability to systematically engineer a champion. He came with a proven pedigree, having successfully led his former club to the championship versus the Ottawa senators in 2007, whom the Ducks of Anaheim made quick work of to win the series. 

To become winners, MLSE rationalized, the Leafs needed to start with a winner at the helm, and upon the release of ha...