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A Very Important Camp for Philadelphia

A case can be made for why this year’s rookie camp and training camp are more important than they have been in previous years for the Philadelphia Flyers. It may seem like common sense to many, but there are several key things that go into the significance of this year.

Rookie camp got under way for the Orange and Black this week and a game against the Washington Capitals is scheduled for tomorrow night. Unless your team is participating in a tournament such as the one in Traverse City, rookie camp is fun to get into. But for Flyers fans, it's not usually as exciting. Luckily for a few thousand fans, there is that one Flyers rookie game.

In rookie camp alone there ar...

JVR Extended, Couturier to make Roster?


Tuesday, the Philadelphia Flyers inked forward James van Riemsdyk to a six year extension worth $25.5 million with an annual cap hit of $4.25 million. There are two trains of thought on the extension among those who follow the team. The first is that JVR has done little to prove that he should warrant such a contract and the risk of signing the deal doesn’t make sense for someone who would have been a restricted free agent after the season.

The other train of thought is that the Flyers did the right thing by locking down one of the players who they are hoping will be a cornerstone of their franchise. With the deal, they are hedg...