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The Shanahammer Should Be Dropped On The NHL Media

The playful metaphor that was used by The Checking Line at the beginning of the season is the only thing playful about the NHL Discipline Office these days.  It has become once again the mainstay of controversy in the NHL playoffs.  Fining coaches unnecessary amounts for comments made, yet allowing player safety issues to be countered by useless fines.  The NHL has lost its hold on itself and there is only one thing to truly blame, its own media.

The most perfect example of this, recent comments made by New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella.  Why is this, the perfect example? Well that can be answered by just checking the NHL web site.  Coach Torts&rsq...

Capitals Green suspended three games

Caps defenseman Mike Green was suspended three games by the NHL for an illegal head shot on Tampa Bay forward Brett Connolly during Thursday's game. 

Green, a seven-year veternan, has been both fined and suspended for illegal hits in the past. 

Here is NHL player safety representative Brendan Shanahan's explanation: