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Defensive Woes Continue: New System or Same Problems?

While the Islanders’ 7-5 win over the Dallas Stars was a very exciting game to watch from an offensive standpoint, it was almost equally as unbearable to watch from a defensive standpoint.

A Closer Look At Plus-Minus

The object of a hockey game is simple. Score more goals than your opponent. I know earth shattering, right? Anyways, if your team manages to score more goals than it has scored against it, it hopefully will have a chance to compete for Lord Stanley’s Cup in the playoffs. I say hopefully because the teams that outscore the most over the course of a season don’t always end up making the playoffs based on which division they play in, blowouts inflating differentials, or other chance factors. Below in the chart you can see the results from 2006-2012 with each dot representing a team’s goal differential vs. how many points it collected over 82 games. As seen by the high R2 va...

Betting on Briere

With all of the moves made by the Flyers this offseason, a lot of attention has been paid to the changing of the guard from Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to Claude Giroux and James van Riemsdyk. However, while many are assessing whether Giroux can take over for Richards or if van Riemsdyk is up to the challenge of replacing Carter, an older member of the team is flying under the radar.


Next season will be Daniel Briere's fifth with the Flyers. Briere finished last season second on t...