Steven Kampfer

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Steven Kampfer answers Twitter Q&A

The Bruins defenseman invited questions from his followers during his flight and answered them all in 140 characters or less.

 @smiley_horts: who was your #1 hockey idol growing up?@SteveKampfer47: has to be Nick Lidstrom. Guy is amazing. @rennoceralc: who is your favorite team to play against?@SteveKampfer47: Big fan of playing Tampa and Detroit. @elamja2: who is the best fighter on the bruins? What's your coffee?@SteveKampfer47: we have a lot of good fighters. hazelnut coffee. @Kayleen5: so then what is your favorite quality in a girl Steve?@SteveKampfer47: the smile. Can't fake it. @SteveyB84: who do you think is your biggest competition i...