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Playoffs: Unpredictable and Embarrassing

The first round of the playoffs is complete and it was full of surprises. This is what makes the NHL playoffs so exciting to watch because you never know what can happen. This year’s playoffs have shocked many fans, especially those in the Eastern Conference. Here at SHC, we already discussed whether the Sabres/Bruins series was an upset or not (you can view that article here). The Sabres losing it the least shocking out of all the series, and I’m not just saying that as a pessimistic fan. Philadelphia defeated New Jersey in six games, but that wasn’t completely unpredictable. The Flyers won the season series, but still, how can the Devils lose that series? New Jersey went out...

HABS/CAPS: Game 7 LIVE BLOG Right Now!!!

Join us at 6:30 for LIVE coverage of tonight's GAME 7 between the Montreal Canadiens and Washington Capitals at the Verizon center! Steven Hindle (hockeybuzz), Jeremy Scriven (Hockey Independent), Kamal Panesar (Habs Addict) and myself have scoured the net to put together a consortium of panelists for both the Habs and the Caps, as well as from other teams around the league, to bring you what could be the best live chat/blog yet! We will be with you throughout the game, taking comments, questions, and offering reaction to the final game of the first round. The winner will go on to the conference semi-finals. The loser will go home. Who will it be? Simply open the widget below a...

Game 6 Live Blog right now!

Join a plethora of names as TCL once again works with Hockeybuzz, Habs Addict, Hockey Independent and more to bring you yet another epic Live BLog for tonight's game 6!!! Caps vs Habs Game 6 Live Chat Join us right now!!! Below are a list of all the participants, courtesy of Steven Hindle: From the Caps: Andrew and Gary from Krafty from Marty from BanginPanger Jeremy Scriven from Rebecca from Japers Rink Liz(@DcSportsChick) Scott Lowe from API Sports and From the Habs: George Prax from Kamal Panesar from Eric Engels from Julie Veilleu...

Caps vs. Habs Game 5 Blog LIVE RIGHT NOW!!! Join us!!!

TCL is once again LIVE blogging the Montreal Canadiens vs. Washington Capitals game! Tonight, the Canadiens face elimination in game 5 at the Verizon Center in Washington, and will look to extend the series and bring it back to Montreal on Monday, while the Caps try to put them away. Join George Prax, Steven Hindle, Jeremy Scriven and Kamal Panesar as we welcome a boatload of panelists to share their thoughts and answer questions during tonight's game. Amongst the panelists are Metric Julie, Jon Jordan, Conor McKenna from the Team 990, Rick from All Habs, and a bunch more, with a few special guest surprises that just might pop by! Open the chat below, and post all the comments and ...

LIVE BLOG: Caps @ Habs, Game 4, join us RIGHT NOW!

The time has finally come! The LIVE BLOG is underway. Join George Prax, Scott Lowe, Kamal Panesar from Habs Addict, Jeremy Scriven from Hockey Independent, Steven Hindle from Hockeybuzz, Kyle Roussel, and many others as we blog LIVE about tonight's game. The blog will run from 6:30 until well after the game, so drop by, leave your comments, and have fun! LIVE BLOG: Caps vs. Habs Game 4! Direct Link

Caps vs. Habs: Head to Head

With a plethora of information to digest as the playoffs commence, a consolidated source of information may be useful for many wanting to follow said playoffs. Specifically, TCL offers several sources of information when it comes to the Canadiens vs. Caps series. In an effort to inform our readers as easily as possible, we will be updating this page every time a new article is posted in this much anticipated Eastern Conference series. ----------------------------------- GAME 4 LIVE BLOG: DETAILS Tomorrow night, TCL will be partnering up with Hockey Independent as well as Hockeybuzz to bring you a LIVE BLOG that will feature some of your favorite bloggers and writers from a...

Introducing Checkers, the TCL Cat!

The playoffs are but a single day away, and we here at TCL have not forgotten about making our predictions, and they are forthcoming. However, since most of our writers, if not all, follow certain teams while hating others, we cannot ensure our objectivity. Flyers fans will pick their team over the Devils, the Bruins will think they can beat the Sabres, and so on and so forth. A Habs fan may or may not pick the Bruins to go over said Sabres either It's only natural! But this might skew the poll of writers to a certain degree, and the TCL staff was aware of this. A system was needed in order to ensure that all these writers would be kept in check. That even if they were to make biase...

ANNOUNCING: TCL's Trade Deadline Extravaganza!

Join us all day on Wednesday when TCL will be presenting its live coverage of all the trade deadline happenings around the NHL. Join myself, George Prax, as well as many of TCL's bloggers and readers as we answer questions, analyze trades as they happen and chat away as trades break throughout the day. So join us starting at 9AM and continuing throughout the day for trade deadline day coverage. Set an e-mail reminder for yourself in the widget below, and tell all your friends! TCL Trade Deadline Extravaganza! George Prax

TCL, version 2!

Hello to all! All of us at TCL are thrilled to release the new site design to all of you. Please bear with us as we make the transition and finish the update, and let us know if you find any bugs. As you can see there's a bunch of style updates, and some new features as well.. Enjoy! EDIT: To the people who registered in the last couple days and were getting an e-mail warning, I'm very sorry I didn't catch this problem earlier. Please check your e-mails, all accounts have been created and passwords sent.

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