Iron and Blood and Waffles

The Conflict is viewed too tragically, and presented too tragically in the press; Waffle Nation does not seek war. If the crisis can be ended with honor, Waffle Nation will gladly cheer. The great recent play of the Leafs on the road makes it difficult to throw waffles at MLSE. At home, it is otherwise; there, teamwork is lacking. The Waffle Nation crisis, however, is no shame, but rather an honor. We are perhaps too educated to put up with a constitution - we are too critical. Public opinion wavers; the press is not public opinion; we know how that arises. There are too many Leafs fans who have revolution at heart.

The members of Waffle Nation, however, have the task of standing over public sentiment, and of guiding it. Our blood is too blue and white, we provide a weight too great for our small team to carry, but we should put it on our own backs and carry our own faith in the team. Waffle Nation does not look at the opposition's goaltending, but to its scoring power. Gustavsson, Giguere, and even Toskala would like to return to the number one slot in the Leafs net, but they shall not assume that role. James Reimer has collected our confidence for the favorable winning streak, which has several times been postponed this season due to inconsistency. Not by speeches and decisions of Brian Burke and Ron Wilson will the greatest problems of the team be decided - that was the Leafs' mistake since 1967 - but by smart trades and building the youth - through iron of the pen and young blood in the depth. This waffle I picked up at a local grocery store, to offer, as a symbol of peace and hope for the team to perform better; I see now, in the midst of this winning streak, it is certainly not the time to use it, and thus celebrate the progress of the team.

Waffle Guy (and partially Otto Von Bismarck, 1862)