The Night Before Waffle Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Leafs nation
Not a fan was cheering, and no standing ovation;
The players were stung by a pair of quick goals,
And had hopes of digging themselves out of their hole;

The children were nestled all bored in their seats,
And a vision of winning was a difficult feat;
And Ron Guillet in his Toskala jersey, and Pat Storto with a Leafs cap,
Had just settled down with no reason to clap,

When out in the stands there arose such a clatter,
Ron sprang from his seat to see what was the matter.
Away to the Gold seats, he flew like a Kessel,
Pushed over a Habs fan who he decided to wrestle.

The concrete of the stairs dug into his knee
But he pinned down George Prax and looked up to see
A waffle was thrown, and cheering finally began,
Then down came security and the thrower, he ran.

With a little hesitation, he was caught rather quick,
I knew in a moment it must be a trick.
More rapid than the Oilers, MLSE made their claim,
"You're banned from this arena, now please leave the game!"

"Now, Dion! Now, Kessel! Now, Beauchy, eat waffles!
He would not have thrown them if you weren't so awful."
To the top of the glass! To the face-off dot,
The waffles hit no one, they just fell by the slot.

And then, from up above, I heard quite the irk,
It was the loud shouting of one Brian Burke.
As I lifted my head, I could see him pointing down,
"I want that man charged, these fans are all clowns."

His eyes - how they were wrinkled; his mouth wore no smile!
You could see he was angry from a few waffle miles.
He didn't understand it, he didn't clue in,
"We're all still upset about the trade with the Bruins."

He sprang to his feet, as the ref blew the whistle,
And fans were screaming for Ron Wilson's dismissal.
But I heard the fans chant, "can't spell waffles without Leafs,"
Merry Waffle Christmas to all, and continue to Be-Leaf.

Waffle Guy


Patrick Storto's picture

Lmao. I knew Prax was a Leafs season ticket holder!

lissa's picture

This is totally brilliant - great job!!

George Prax's picture

I hate all of you.

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