Welcome Waffle Guy

I didn't really understand exactly what had started until I started surfing the net a few days ago and noticed the countless flash images including waffles. When Francois Beauchemin was struck by the gorgeous, flying, delicious breakfast treat, ultimately introducing a hate waffle to an inconsistent Quebecer, it sparked a new revolution. It has since been growing as one of the single most entertaining fan uprisings in the history of sports, and, to be honest, it's fun.

So when George Prax and Mike Aldred of TheCheckingLine.com extended an invite to join their site and share my experience and insight on behalf of the team, I was honored. Thus, this is my first post here, and one of many, many to come. I will be bringing you all information about the Leafs and all things waffle. I will remind everyone the similarities of Leafs and waffles and why certain players deserve to be waffled on a night to night basis.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask. For understandable purposes, I will remain anonymous and simply go about my waffle ways as the Waffle Guy, because, let's face it, any name associated to it just would not do justice.

I am Waffle Guy. I am a Leafs fan, and I am ready to start the revolution.

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Waffle Guy


George Prax's picture

Waffle Guy, you inspire all of us with your Waffle Wisdom.

Tyg's picture

Welcome Waffle Guy and mad props to you for creatively bashing your own team. Can I borrow some waffles? I want to freeze a dozen or two and wing them at Jacques Martin when I go to the Bell Center in January...

Waffle Guy's picture

lol thanks guys, I'm definitely excited to be here and let the legacy continue!

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Welcome Waffle Guy - you sure are providing lots of entertainment!!

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Thanks, new blog up!