Bruins fans should be ashamed of the team they root for

With 5:37 remaining in the third period of the Bruins' game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Marc Savard was blindsided by an elbow from goon supreme Matt Cooke. Savard laid motionless on the ice in a situation that gave Bruins fans flashbacks to the Patrice Bergeron incident in 2007.

However, nobody on the ice -- including supposed tough guy Milan Lucic -- stood up for their teammate and made Matt Cooke or anyone on the Penguins pay for the hit at the time of the incident or in the final five minutes. They simply skated around their teammate as if nothing happened.

Coming off the ice after the final buzzer sounded in a 2-1 loss, nobody looked upset or distraught about the loss of the game or their teammate. It was another disgusting "effort" in a season of shameful affairs for the Bruins, who endured a 10 game losing streak earlier in the season while showing no desire to get out of it.

In my eyes, it starts and ends with the captain. People questioned handing Zdeno Chara the captaincy immediately after he signed with the Bruins, and those people look smart after this season. After a stellar Norris trophy campaign last season, Chara has regressed into a slow, soft defenseman. When given the opportunity to take the body, he instead decides to go for the stick check. While Tim Thomas gets run twice and Marc Savard nearly gets his head taken off by Matt Cooke, Chara just skates around as if the behavior shown by the opposite team is acceptable. Zdeno Chara is not acting like a captain should, and it reflects on the pure cowardice in the Boston Bruins organization that other options haven't been explored.

For a team battling for their playoff lives, the Bruins sure don't look like they care whether they make the postseason or not. I'm confident in saying right now, as a fan, that they don't deserve any postseason success and I hope they aren't rewarded with any.