Diagnosing The Bruins

With last night's 5-1 win over Philadelphia, the Bruins reminded many of their fans why this season was the most anticipated since the days of Neely and Bourque. But it also left fans asking "where the heck have these guys been all year?"

Well, I think we can safely say the 09-10 Bruins are bipolar. See, no team in recent memory has flipped the switch from quitting on the ice to giving 200% than these guysn and you don't have to look back very far to see both examples.

The outcry from Bruins nation was heard throughout North America after the players failed to stick up for Tim Thomas and Marc Savard against Pittsburgh, instead opting to accept a humiliating loss. They all made excuses aftee the game and then allowed Toronto to win in Boston two days later. Last night we watched as Boston scored five goals, won two fights and got amazing goaltending from Tuukka Rask. So what's the issue?

A team in 8th place cannot continue this schizophrenic act if it wants to have any success come postseason time. The upcoming games against Montreal, New Jersey and Pittsburgh will go a long way in telling us how much these guys really want it. With any more disappearing acts, fans would be justified calling for accountability beginning with Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien.