Sadly, History Will be Made

I'm sorry, Bruins fans. We're about to be on the wrong side of history.

1942 Red Wings. 1975 Penguins. 2004 Yankees. 2010 Bruins. A list of four futile embarrassments. Three are in the past, one is a guarantee.

The sad fact is that this Bruins team doesn't want it bad enough. They have a roster full of guys, save for Mark Recchi, that have never won anything in their careers but have been paid handsomely for their failures (I'm looking at you, Zdeno Chara, Michael Ryder, Tim Thomas and Milan Lucic, among others). They have a roster full of guys who easily get spoiled with success, as clearly evident from their performance in game 5 against Buffalo and the last three games of this Philadelphia series. And if you've watched them throughout the duration of the season you know it too -- as soon as you give them a chance to be complacent, that's when the Bruins begin to fail.

We watched this team lose 10 straight games during the regular season. Well, guess what? That team is back. The fight just isn't there, the talent certainly isn't there, and the victories aren't there. Frankly, the Bruins deserve to lose this series, and the cynic in me is glad they will.

So congrats to the Flyers and their fans -- the right team is winning this series. I can't even write anymore. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about this Bruins team.