Zdeno Chara signs 7-year, $6.5mil extension

The Bruins have locked up their second star player in 24 hours, announcing this morning that captain Zdeno Chara has signed a 7-year, $41 million deal. The deal will take Chara through the 2017-2018 season, when he'll be 41.

Interesting note -- with the extensions, Bergeron and Chara will carry a combined cap hit of $11.5mil. Their current deals combine for $12.25mil, so the Bruins are saving money on the extensions.


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It's definitely front loaded in Chara's case, so it's probably a Savard-type deal or maybe a little less front-loaded. BUt the Bergeron deal is definitely a steal the more you think about it. Chiarelli is a great gm. Looking forward to the live blog!

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I might be concerned though that Chara's cap hit is going to be very high for his declining years. The extension kicks in during his age 34 year and given that he is a very physical player it's likely his play will regress sooner rather than later. I wonder if he isn't a trmendous liability given his cap hit during years 4 - 7 of this deal.

The owners are also likely to push for a lower percentage of HRR to be allocated to player salaries. This could negatively impact the salary cap ceiling. If it goes down the Bruins will need to be creative building their club in the coming years. The length of Bergeron's deal will help but that will also be a year after Seguin completes his entry level deal.

I like that Chiarelli has been proactive about fixing cost for the future but let's hope for the Bruins' sake that Chara can be an effective player into the later years of his deal.

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They just said on the CBC Hot Stove that the final year ($4 mil) won't bring down the cap hit, so it's going to be $6.91 million cap hit. That's the Kovalchuk effect for you.