All Good Things Must Come to an End..........

........but did it have to be to Philly?

Regardless of what is said on Flyer blogs and around the hockey media world, the Stanley Cup was not won last night, nor was the Atlantic division, nor was a playoff series or even a playoff game, a playoff spot wasn't clinched.

What was won was game 32 of 82, played in December.

Did the Versus broadcast team of Joe Beninati and Andy Brickley just mention this was a fight between two heavyweights.....again.....16 hours after the game ended?

The Flyers earned this game, Philly took control early and cashed in on a late powerplay to take three of the first four games from the Penguins this year. In reality Marc-Andre Fleury kept this game closer than it really was with a few spectacular saves.

Philadelphia seems to have turned around what had been a one sided rivalry over the past few years.

Malkin, in his first game back since December 2nd, had a "Scotty Hartnell moment" taking a horrendous interference penalty on Blair Betts in the 3rd period. At least he didn't throw a glove.

So that's what it feels like to be a Flyers fan, scratching your head, at a mindless penalty during a crucial moment.

Ironically Side Show Bob, with a trim, cashed in on the mistake.

While Geno had a decision making moment worthy of a casting on the Jersey Shore, he also pounded home the two Penguin goals. Pens fans are crossing their fingers hoping a game like this can get Geno going this season.

Sidney Crosby had assists on both Malkin goals extending his point streak to 19 games and matching his career long. Now the world waits to see which streak his caterpillar mustache is associated with.

Next up is another division rival as the Penguins host the Rangers at the CONSOL Energy Center tonight. I for one will be on the edge of my seat in anticipation of when Brandon Dubinsky will complain about Crosby complaining.

The Rangers are coming off a 7-0 thrashing of the Capitals on Sunday in which Dubinsky fought Alexander Ovechkin. Dubs does love mixing it up with the big boys; somewhere Mike Richards is shaking his head muttering "Gotta show respect" --- probably in front of the media.

The Rangers have won 4 of their last 6 games, are sixth in the Eastern conference and 7 points behind the Penguins.

It will certainly be a nice test coming off a fierce battle in Philadelphia last night.

One thing is for certain if Sid goes at that upper lip with his Gillette this afternoon, no one will be complaining.

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Alex Mueller's picture

The Versus coverage of the game was pretty funny but I suppose they were trying to hype it up for new/non hockey fans. I'm not a Flyers fan but I like that they were the ones to end the streak. This just adds even more fuel to the already great intense rivalry. The same would have been said if the Capitals broke the streak.

George Prax's picture

Kind of a bad omen that the streak ends the day you start blogging for TCL, huh? Tongue

wfucich21's picture

I was actually gonna mention that in my next post if they lose again tonight