Lord Stanley's Foreshadowing Trail Of Conquered Teams

Does being eliminated by the eventual Stanley Cup winner signify anything about a team? Other than the fact they were at the dance, probably not. Unless you believe in karma, good omens that defeating specific teams can bring, or are a gambler in desperate need of some crazy far-fetched edge.

It's often said that being eliminated by the eventual Stanley Cup champions is the best consolation for a team ousted from the NHL playoffs. Horsespit. Only fans (and players) who are looking for some quick shallow cover will resort to that reasoning, but surely experienced no less anguish due to their victor hoisting the Cup shortly after their own demise.

It is however interesting to see which teams have stood in the path of the Stanley Cup champions the most in recent history. Below is a list of teams that fell victim to the eventual Stanley Cup Champions over the last 25 years, along with how often they did so.

If you're a fan of the Bruins or Lightning, you'll like these statistics, especially if you go on to play Vancouver in the Finals. San Jose fans can also smile a bit, although they and their Captain need a larger dose of good karma than anyone else.

8 - Philadelphia Flyers
7 - Boston Bruins
7 - Vancouver Canucks
6 - Detroit Red Wings
6 - LA Kings
5 - St Louis Blues
5 - Washington Capitals
5 - Dallas Stars (includes Minnesota Stars)
5 - Colorado Avalanche (includes Quebec Nordiques)
5 - Chicago Blackhawks
5 - Phoenix Coyotes (includes Winnipeg Jets)
4 - New Jersey Devils
3 - Montreal Canadiens
3 - NY Islanders
3 - Buffalo Sabres
3 - Carolina Hurricanes (includes Hartford Whalers)
3 - Calgary Flames
2 - Pittsburgh Penguins
2 - Ottawa Senators
2 - Edmonton Oilers
2 - Florida Panthers
2 - Anaheim Ducks
2 - Nashville Predators
2 - NY Rangers
1 - Toronto Maples Leafs
1 - San Jose Sharks
1 - Tampa Bay Lightning


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Well, maybe it worked for the Red Wings lol