Phil T's picture
Phil T's picture

Sean Couturier to the Flyers!!

George Prax's picture

Definitely Sean Couturier, can't believe he fell that low (or that the Habs didn't move up to get him!)

Greg Duley's picture

Has to be Couturier to flyers, but beside that i say Dougie Hamilton to Bruins.

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Jurco to the Red Wings - Oh wait, he was a 2nd rounder...

George Prax's picture

I think Jurco definitely counts as a steal. Should have been 1st round so I'll allow it Tongue

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Jurco for sure, even though he isn't first round material. I also think Puempel at 24 was a steal. He was rated high until he got hip surgery.

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Courturier obviously! He was supposed to possibly go top 3, heck top 5. The fact that a team like Philly got him is a steal alone!