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None of the signings were good luls. All massive overpayment. I guess I like Leino to BUF and Cole to MTL.

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I still can't believe Flash got the contract he did from Florida! $4 mill for a guy whose career can be done in a "flash"

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Ed Jovanovski. 36 years old, singing a 4 year deal at 4 million per. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!?!?

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Best: Vokoun for 1.5?? WOW. Worst: Bias by me, but Ericsson's. Lot's of overpaying out there though.

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Definitely Vokoun now. Guess he wants to win a cup lol

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I'll have to go with Vokoun as the best based primarily on the value, and Jovonovski as the worst based on the fact it's Jovo.

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Vokoun takes the cake

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Vokoun was easily the best. I like Ville Leino, but $4.5 is overpaying for an undersized forward with a wonky hip.