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Predators' Weber awarded $7.5 million by arbitratorPredators' Weber awarded $7.5 million by arbitrator
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Preds can't walk away from this since it was team elected, also very interesting since he got so high i don't think Poile argued that much against Weber to try to keep relationship intact.

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Even if they could walk away they would be insane to do so. Weber deserves every penny, and this is the Preds fault for lowballing him. I read this is the first team-elected arbitration in history to make it to the hearing, so that should say a lot.

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Its actually not the first one to reach arbitration as Lou did with the panthers. As well, the 4.75 wasn't what the Preds were offering it was just to try to bring down Weber's price of 8.5. They actually offered him around 6.5 mill but Weber wanted 8.

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Preds pretty much destroyed any relationship they had with Weber with this arbitration case and their insulting 4.75M offer. I'd be extremely surprised to see Weber in a Preds uniform in a year.