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I think this is perfect. Shanahan is doing what Campbell never could, he's explaining why the suspensions happen and why they are so long. He uses the NHL rule book in his explanation as well. It makes the fans understand, but most importantly, the players. If everyone is getting these high number of games off due to suspensions, they should think twice of hitting to the head. It protects the players as well. So yes, it should continue and I expect it to.

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I like it, but this was the easy part. When it gets to February, March, April, May, when the games actually matter, his job is going to be a lot tougher.

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I'm okay with the suspensions. Just goes to show that players can be too reckless with power in making the big hit when it isn't necessary. Shanahan's latest video profiling legal checks showed that you don't need to always hit hard to make the right defensive play.

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He's trying so hard to make players afraid of him, he's suspending some people for regular hockey hits. Truly, the NHL is going to stand for the No Hits League very shortly

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He's setting the boundaries, not trying to make people fear him. That would be a douche move.