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No. Because for some reason the Flyers seem to feel they need a goon.

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They sort of have to, it's a slap in the face to him if they don't. It will be interesting to see what happens once Shelly is back after this game.

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Yes I think Schenn will be up ASAP. I honestly think they only put him down there for the cap reason. They like to tell people it was because of his shoulder and that he needs to "rehab" but this isn't baseball. They were happy to use that as an excuse and everyone ate it up. Fact is he's more NHL ready than Matt Read. I would love to see Schenn move to the wing with Couturier and Hartnell. That line would have the Speed of Schenn, physicality of Hartnell and the defense/playmaking of Couturier. As soon as there is cap space, Schenn is up. Count it!

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I certainly hope so! Judging by his performance with the Phantoms so far, I'd say his shoulder is doing better. Would Shelley really contribute THAT much once he returns? Definitely not nearly as much as Schenn would contribute.

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I'm a Holmgren supporter. I generally like what he does and have faith in his decisions. But I will never understand why they brought Shelley in. Not to mention that they gave him a million dollars every year for three years. I believe letting Asham walk was a big mistake. In terms of the question, I support almost anything that keeps Shelley off the ice.

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They'd be stupid not to

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Well, Harry Z got the call and not Schenn. WTF?

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Nodl dealing with injury. I expect Schenn to make his way up once Shelley comes back.

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Harry Z is 500K cheaper against the cap than Schenn, makes sense for him for 1 game

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And waive Shelley?

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Well, Schenn is up. How will they waive Shelley? Will it be a cap hit?

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