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Simmonds by far. It's fun to watch the "kids" but Simmonds energy is a breath of fresh air.

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Hrmmm straying away from my Couturier pick, I will go with Voracek. He is just missing something to become a huge star in this league. Maybe it's chemistry, who knows, but he looks great both defensively and offensively.

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I literally haven't heard anything about Voracek so far. Almost forgot he was on the Flyers lol. He's been doing well?

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Read, I think. The kid's gonna do some big things.

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Surprised at the lack of Andreas Liilja votes

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Can Mick Jagr get a little love? Holy dangles, Batman.

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Simmonds and this kid from Russia. He's pretty nifty. I just wish he would score or else I'd call him a bust.

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Simmonds no doubt, Voracek has been quiet but doing his job. Jagr is playing good but liked the pre-season Jagr more.