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His inconsistency is not helping him get the message across. I'm not sure how the hit on Tobias Enstrom goes unnoticed (broken collarbone) yet Lucic can get away with nailing a vulnerable Ryan Miller. Not to mention that the majority of people watching the Caps/Jets game last night had no idea that Bogosian even hit Eakin, let alone see a hit that was questionable of a penalty/suspension.

What's with his love for the Bruins, anyway?

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Shanahan is employed by the NHL, the NHL is run by its owners, Jeremy Jacobs is the most prolific of the bunch, and owns the Bruins. This has been the case for years. The Bruins win the cup by bullying everyone else in the league and they get away with it. In the end Shanahan has people to answer to and that begins with the higher ups at the NHL. It's a reality no matter who's there. Frankly though, quantity doesn't equal quality, so I think Shanahan could very well fall into the same pitfalls as we saw Campbell fall into the last few years.

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I really don't see that he has. In the pre-season, I saw a lot of promise for him in his new role. Now, it's pretty obvious that politics are taking over.

As George said, Shanahan is employed by the NHL. He is ruled by their revenue stream and economic success. Angering Jeremy Jacobs wouldn't be good for Bettman or the NHL.

That being said, it's important for Shanahan to be unbiased when reviewing cases, something that, in my opinion, he simply has not been.

As a blogger over at HockeyBuzz stated bluntly, this whole "first time offender" garbage has to stop. If you commit a crime, or act against the NHL code, you deserve to be punished for it.

Why Lucic was not suspended is beyond me. It's time for Shanahan and the NHL to step up and either discipline fairly, or not at all.

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The most positive thing that has been done by Shanahan has been the videos. Campbell had no frame-by-frame proof nor clear reason for his rulings. Shanahan has made these clear for everyone to see. Otherwise, he hasn't laid the shocker suspension everyone is waiting for. When that time comes, I feel we'll have our answer.

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Can't disagree, the videos help, even the ones when he doesn't suspend anyone. But considering the constant flow of incidents, I think there's an issue with how he's been dealing with things.