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I think Boudreau got the short end of the stick, but I'm really curious to see what Dale Hunter can do behind an NHL bench (although I'm not happy about the Knights losing him), and especially Kirk Muller in Carolina (still not happy about the Habs losing him either lol).

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I agree. If you look at the Eastern standings even this early into the season, the East is as tight as it's ever been in really long time. I don't think this will necessary backfire for Caps, but I don't think it's really going to act as any type of quick fix. However, I think it was probably time for a change in Carolina. Maurice just wasn't getting the job done and when rumors are popping up about the possibility of your franchise player getting traded, something's gotta give.

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Carolina's change seemed like a change just because one was necessary. Not sure how much of a difference Muller will make this year, so I'm hoping that's more of a long-term move.

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You can't be happy to first see Boucher go and now Muller. The Habs are doing a really good job of developing coaches. Problem...for other teams. I'd be interested to get your take on seeing two of the best young coaches in the game slip right out from under you guys in Montreal.