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Detroit and Columbus win for sure. Both get reduced travel and only visit out West once a year. Travel wise Tampa and Florida got screwed, but it's Florida so who cares. They should be happy in the Northeast Division with TOR and MTL fans filling their buildings.

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Florida benefits from this overall because their buildings will be fuller. Habs and Leafs are the big losers here, and the Isles.

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I'm not even sure what kind of impact this will have on team's overall records and heading into the playoffs. I do like the fact that teams will play each other at least twice. If anything, points will be even more significant within conference, so mid season competition should be better, in theory.

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The only thing that gets worse for the Isles is having to play the Capitals six times as opposed to four, but the Caps have not been playing their best hockey lately. Other than that, the Isles are practically in the same division. The Hurricanes, right now, are not a team that concerns me with six match-ups over four.