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I'm caught between Travis Hamonic and Matt Martin.

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I would go with Matt Martin. Up top in the NHL with hits w/o a Shanny fanny whooping
video (yet), and contributing quality mins.

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Martin certainly has really had an impressive year, establishing himself as an NHL'er. A lot of people wondered if he was a definite to make the line-up out of camp with young guys pressing. I think it's safe to say he's not going anywhere.

I think I will have to say Parenteau. His numbers are excellent, on pace for an even better year than last year. He's versatile, can play on any line and has become a real team player.

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Im happy for PAP, I always felt he got no love but came to work each day and did his job.

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To me it is PAP or Hamonic both players building on their performance from last year. PAP is putting up the points and Hamonic has been playing some strong smart D.

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Martin, PA and Hamonic have all been great this season so I don't think you can really pick one from the other on who has been more impressive.

I know he is currently injured but what about Montoya? The guy was bought in for nothing and has become a #1 goalie for us and was playing some great hockey before he got hurt.

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If you can lead the NHL in hits and not get a call from Shanny you have learned your lesson well grasshopper. Vote to Martin.