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Kyle Andrew Busch

TCL contributor and featured writer since 2010. Detroit Red Wings fan since the 1997 Cup Championship. Lives in Tecumseh, Ontario. Plays hockey, soccer and runs cross country both at the competitive and recreational levels. Continues to write for TCL and in 2011 organized a TCL Red Wings Facebook page and Twitter account. The ultimate goal is to increase the amount of writers and eventually have enough coverage to get the Red Wings a subsite. Follow on Twitter @KyleBusch11 and @TCLRedWings.


Favorite Team
Detroit Red Wings
Favorite Player
Steve Yzerman, Henrik Zetterberg, Steven Stamkos, Darren Helm, Pavel Datsyuk, Nicklas Lidstrom, Jimmy Howard


Favorite Movies

Step Brothers, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, The Other Guys, Austin Powers (1-3), Rock Em Sock Em (1-approx 22), Star Wars Saga

Favorite TV Shows

House, Family Guy, The Office, NHL TRADECENTER (a must)

Favorite Videogame
NHL Series, Crash Bandicoot, Star Wars
Favorite Actor
Will Ferrell
Favorite Quote

"Hey have a seat for a second. Lookit, I have never seen a bunch of guys, look so f%$#in down, when something bad happens. What are you guys? Like prima donna perfect, if you can't handle adversity? So $h!t$ not going right, it's not f%$#in workin' the last ten days.f%$#in get your heads out of your @$$, and f%$#in make it work by outworkin the opposition! You kill two f%$#in men, and then we stand around and...and while they f%$#in score here. f%$#in you's come to the bench like f%$#in this, and when the powerplay its not workin' so you're trying to stickhandle, you're lookin' like this and not standing, outwork the f%$#in guys! If you want it, don't just think you want it, go out and f%$#in want it! But you're not lookin' like you want it, you look like you're feeling sorry for yourselves. And nobody f%$#in wants anybody that's feeling sorry for themselves. You've got twenty f%$#in minutes, down by one f%$#in shot, surely thr f%$# we can deal with this!" - Bruce Boudreau, most epic rant ever

Favorite Music

Skrillex, Benny Benassi, Theory of a Deadman, Chevelle, Nickelback, Techno, Dubstep, Def Leppard, Van Halen

Favorite Books

Yzerman, Bob Probert: My Life on the Edge, Lord of the Rings, Bond by Ian Fleming, Star Wars Novels


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7 years 7 weeks